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The five advantages of jewelry bags

1. With the popularity of fashion jewelry industry, people pay more and more attention to jewelry packaging. Jewelry bags are perfect alternative of jewelry boxes. It’s features lightweight and convenient, perfect for families travelling. Drawstring Jewelry pouches can be used for a variety of small gifts to prevent scratching and losing.

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2. Jewelry bags generally have different fabric materials, such as velvet, faux suede, satin, cotton, canvas, leatherette, burlap, organza, polyester etc, which can be printed on the company LOGO or graphic to improve the quality of products. In the market, exquisite packaging means the high level of the product. It is necessary for you perpare jewelry bags to wrapping your jewelry or favors.

3. In terms of cost, the jewelry bag is much cheaper than the gift box. The cost of jewelry box about $0.5-$1.0, while the fabric jewelry bag only about 1/3 of it, so that means choose jewelry bag packaging can win lager profits than the box packaging in the same terms.

4. For Production process, the jewellery bag is very simple. Generally only cut whole fabric, sewing pouch, printing logo, inspection process. After this, can dispatch by air or by sea, So the lead time will be more faster than complicated box.

5. Jewelry bags are almost environmentally friendly and can be reused in daily life. And it doesn’t take up as much space as a box. You may put pouch in drawer or corner when you not use it.



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