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Custom Jewelry Storage Drawstring Pouch Bags

Since many client always use luxury jewelry, and how to protect jewelry elgantly and raise the products levers that are equally attractive?

Jewellery storage drawstring pouches is your best choose because of its lightweight and steady features. Jewelry bags can suitable for rings, earring, chains, necklaces, bracelets, watches, crafts, credit card, stationary, etc. These are grear for when you travel and carry jewelry in your handbag. There are many types of fabric, such as suede, velour, sheer organza, muslin cotton, polyester, silk, burlap, linen, hessian, leatherette, microfiber, satin, net.

Let me introduce some different kinds of drawstring pouches

  1. Organza drawstring pouches

custom organza bagsSheer organza bags wide used as wedding favor bags, the material is finer than gauze and quote sheer. It can be stitched as “L” organza bag and “H” organza bag. Design with a stain drawstring for closure, perfect for storage little things. Put small items in the bag then tighten the drawstring rope and loose the rope as you want to take things out.

  1. Velvet drawstring pouches

It is made of durable velveteen fabric, perfect for gemstones, jewelry, crystals, collectible coins, cosmetics and gift giving. Material of velour can be single layer and double layer. Velvet is very similar as suede material. Soft fabric with braided drawstring touches perfect.

  1. Microfiber pouches

It is usually made as microfiber sunglasses drawstring cleaning & storage pouches. These pouches are super lightweight and also used to clean the lenses without scratching them, so you could use microfiber pouches keep your eyeglasses, without needing a bulky eyeglass case.

  1. calico cotton drawstring pouches

Small calico cotton pouches widely used in many countries recent years. They are washable, durable, reusable and great for the environment, made from renewable cotton and can be continually reused making them carry study materials.

  1. Watch pouch

We also call it snap velvet jewelry bags, because it is made of quality velvet and with an external button snap closure for safety against jostling. Some pouches with a hard insert card which ensures the watch is not scratched by the bracelet or buckle. The insert and interior is a soft, everest exclusive material. Watch pouch is well stitched by hand and keep your watch securely and organized.

  1. Leatherette drawstring pouches

It is pu material in China, harder and thicker than fabric material. it’s appropriate for jewelry presentation and gift-giving.

  1. Hessian drawstring pouches

hessian drawstring pouchesIt is polyester material and become more trendy this years due to cheap cost and durable features, has good moisture absorption and air permeability function. They’re with classic double ribbon drawstring tie, breathable, reusable, durable and easy to use .

How to find well sewn jewellery bags factory is a big question for wholesaler and distributor.

Quality, service, delivery time is very important for a supplier. Yiwu Yazi Packing Co.,Ltd is your good choose if you want to find long-term business relationship.

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