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Where to order jewelry pouches?

Jewelry pouches make an excellent way to store your precious accessories and jewelry pieces. It was not long ago when people preferred using jewelry boxes for storing their jewelry pieces but, now using pouches to store your bling has become more accessible and streamline. velvet drawstring bag with logoNot only you will find jewelry pouches in a variety of styles, materials, fabric, but you can also have them custom-made as per your specifications.

Several manufacturers specialize in making custom jewelry pouches for their customers. You can simply let them know your specifications about your dream jewelry pouch and they would design it for you. Custom jewelry pouches make a wonderful gift to surprise your friends, mother, spouse, and relatives with, and it would remind them of your love and care for them.

Can you imagine having a diamond-studded or rose gold-foiled jewelry pouch to store your family heirloom jewelry or your engagement ring? While, a ring box will always be a classic way to present a ring to your spouse, presenting it in a velvet pouch would simply enhance its luxe factor by a mile.

Why are jewelry pouches popular

Jewelry boxes make a timeless addition in anyone’s collection, and it is an effective way to store your accessories in it. However, the cost of manufacturing a jewelry box is relatively high, and jewelry makers are looking for alternatives to cut corners with the excessive cost. Instead, they are raving about the efficiency and affordability of jewelry pouches or jewelry cases, and they believe that it helps storing the valuable and precious jewelry pieces without depreciating its value and charm.

On the contrary, if you are a jewelry collector, storing multiple boxes of jewelry boxes would be a waste of space and it would minimize your space rather than maximizing it. Also, having stacks of jewelry boxes in your collection would look cluttered and unappealing to the eyes. Opting to jewelry pouches is rather space-friendly, and you can simply store your precious accessories in the velvet cases rather than displaying them for everyone to see.

What are the benefits of jewelry pouches over jewelry boxes?

Jewelry pouches are becoming a replacement for jewelry boxes, and most jewelry connoisseurs are on an outlook for cotton bags to store their precious and expensive jewelry pieces. Cardboard jewelry boxes are popular and beneficial in their own right but, most jewelry manufacturers and jewelry wearers have ditched the use of bulky cardboard boxes and instead, they prefer using velvet drawstring pouch bags to store their diamond studded rings and earrings. The following are the benefits of using jewelry pouches over jewelry boxes:custom jewelry pouches

  • Travel-friendly:If you are travelling for a destination wedding, your essentials must include jewelry and accessories to wear for the wedding ceremony. However, keeping boxes of your jewelry would consume the space and it would leave no space for you to store your other travelling essentials, and you cannot compromise that at all costs. Instead, opting for jewelry velvet case would allow you to store a bunch of your favorite jewelry pieces without wasting any space.
  • Protects your jewelry:Jewelry boxes are susceptible to cracking and breakage and having a cracked jewelry box would entail damaging your jewelry in the long run. On the contrary, a velvet jewelry pouch is the perfect way to store your accessories and it also ensures its safety and protection.
  • Consumes less space:Anybody would be delighted to decorate their vanity with their jewelry and accessories collection but, stacking up boxes of jewelry boxes doesn’t look appealing and it rather looks cluttered and messy. Instead, you can choose to store your precious accessories in exquisite-looking velvet jewelry pouches, and it would look appealing in your collection.
  • Multiple Uses:There is something fun about using your jewelry pouches for something else—for example, you can utilize it for storing nail kit, sewing kit, business kits, loyalty kit, first-aid kits, and stationery pieces.
  • Cost-Effective:Jewelry boxes are expensive to manufacture and to purchase. Instead, its counterpart, velvet pouches would make the perfect solution for anyone looking for affordable and cheap jewelry pouches.
  • Excellent option for gift: Jewelry makes a valuable gift for anyone, and you can look for various ways to upgrade your representation for the gift. If you are organizing a bridal shower then, you can use custom jewelry pouches as party favors to shower your friends with gifts.

Creative ways to store jewelry and accessory pieces:

You will never know when you stack up accessories and jewelry in your collection. If you were to organize your jewelry then, you are going to wonder the various ways to store and organize your pieces beautifully. Most people simply tackle their jewelry pieces together and it could interlock your precious pieces with one another.

Any smart jewelry collector knows it better than experimenting with more than one way to store your expensive jewelry effectively and flawlessly. You cannot fit your bangles, baubles, rings, earrings, and bodychain all in one box, else it could get tangled rashly in with each other.

If you are looking for few storage solutions for your precious pieces, the following are few creative ways to organize your jewelry like a true jewelry connoisseur:

  1. Jewelry velvet pouches

There is nothing more luxurious than holding a pack of velvet pouch to take out and decide your piece of the day. Jewelry pieces make an excellent way to store your jewelry and you can store your pair of earrings separately in each case.

  1. Cardboard jewelry box

Cardboard jewelry boxes are an effective and classic way to store jewelry pieces like rings and dainty necklaces.

  1. Stand

If you are a collector of dainty jewelry and dainty earrings then, putting them on a stand holder would make an appealing way to store and organize your jewelry pieces. You can also play with other ways to make your jewelry pieces on various platforms appealing and attractive.

Things to consider when placing order for custom jewelry pieces

The trend for booking custom jewelry pouches is at all-time high and regular customers along with jewelry manufacturers are looking for a manufacturer to make custom jewelry cases for them. However, if you have come across a manufacturer that you could trust then, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • Volume of the order

If you are ordering unique and personalized custom pouches for your jewelry and accessories, why not start with placing an order in bulk? You can store many of your jewelry items in one of the pouches and you can giveaway few as gifts to your friends and co-workers. Also, buying custom jewelry pouches in bulk would earn you a discount to save money on your purchase order.

  • Material of the order

Custom manufacturer for jewelry pouches offer several options to choose from, for instance, you can choose from cotton, velvet, organza, imitation leather, net, lace, and even polyester for your customized jewelry pouches. You can ask for a drawstring pouch bag in various materials that cater to your taste and it would last you for several ages!

  • Size of the order

Jewelry pouches come in various sizes; therefore, you should specify the size of the jewelry pouches for your accessories to help you store your essential accessories.

  • Color of the pouch

From transparent to solid colors, you are given a number of color options to choose for your pouches. If you are looking for pouches in unique colors, such as rose-gold color then, you can find plenty of custom jewelry pouches from the right manufacturer or supplier.

  • Embellishments

Most generous jewelry pouches maker give an option to embellish and decorate jewelry pouches to their customers, and they can opt for a complete rhinestones-studded pouch or, they can ask for laces decorated daintily all over their pouches.

If you are looking to order jewelry pouches then, you should start by looking for a manufacturer that specializes in creating custom-made jewelry pouches for you. Specify your needs and requirements to them, and they would present affordable and accessible options to you to convert your vision into a reality.

Where to order jewelry pouches?

If you are considering ordering jewelry pouches with printed logo then, you can visit to place a bulk order for your purchase for custom jewelry pouches, velvet pouches, sheer organza bags, imitation leather drawstring bags, burlap pouches, cotton pouches, and other types of pouches. The manufacturing company offers a competitive pricing on its offering, so you can place a large-sized volume order for your jewelry storage needs.

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